Being a Browns Fan Is Tough

Today, there’s no doubt about it: being a Cleveland Browns’ fan is a tough go. In fact, most Cleveland teams have disappointed us for more than a generation. The city’s lone championship since President Johnson was by the Cavaliers in 2016. However, gray-haired grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts and uncles can recall a time when Cleveland was a city of champions.

My home town Browns haven’t won a world championship since 1964 when the Browns led by Jim Brown and Frank Ryan smashed John Unitas and the Baltimore Colts 27-0 at Municipal Stadium. That’s almost 54 years ago and I barely remember that fateful day in ’64. Yet, each year hope springs eternal in Cleveland. We pray the draught finally ends. Today, I live in Southern California but still root passionately for the Browns, Cavaliers and Indians 2,000 miles away.

Cleveland was “Browns Town” during the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s. Play began for the Browns at the old stadium in ’46 in the newly formed All-America Football Conference – rivals to the NFL. Behind Coach Paul Brown’s rule and spearheaded by the play of Graham, Groza, Lavelli, Motley and Speedie, the Browns created one of football’s great dynasties. The Browns completely dominated the AAFC by winning all titles in the league’s existence from 1946-1949. Cleveland ruled alone. After the demise of the AAFC in ’49, the Browns and two other teams migrated to the NFL. During the ’50s and ’60s the Browns played in an amazing 10 NFL championship games. They won three titles from 1950-1955 and back-to-back crowns in ’54 &’55. The 1950s was a glorious decade for Cleveland sports. The Browns rolled opponents. We were a city of champions. The team’s regular season.746 winning percentage in the ’50s was dominant. During the decades to follow, no team has matched Cleveland’s winning percentage – not the Packers (.721) in the ’60s, not the Steelers (.692) or Cowboys (.729) in the ’70s, and not the 49ers in the ’80s (.695) or ’90s (.706).

The Indians were excellent, too, in the late ’40s and ’50s – winning the Series in ’48 over the Boston Braves behind Lou Boudreau’s managed club but coming up short in the ’54 Series against Willie Mays and the NY Giants. Cleveland had great pitching in those days- starring hall of famers Bob Feller, Bob Lemon, Early Wynn and Satchel Paige. Third baseman Al Rosen and shortstop counterpart Boudreau helped trigger the offense. Rosen would go on to win the American League MVP in ’53 by hitting.336, smashing 43 home runs and driving in 145 RBIs.

During the 1960s, some of my best memories were being picked up by my father after Sunday religious school at University Circle and scooting to Municipal Stadium,in-time, for the 1pm kickoffs. Upon entering the old stadium you could feel the electricity in the air; a sense the Browns would not, could not lose. And, they usually didn’t. Even after their last NFL championship in ’64 the Browns played in three more NFL title games in the ’60s – losing to the Packers in ’65, the Colts in ’68 and the Vikings in ’69. During that stretch from 1965-1969, the Browns total regular season record was 49-20-1; close to tops in the game.

Fast-forward two decades and the Browns came a few yards short of heading to the Super Bowl by losing three AFC championships to the Denver Broncos in the ’80s. “The Drive” and “The Fumble” still rattle our souls.

Today, the Browns are belly-floppers. They dwell in NFL purgatory and seemingly have an endless climb out. The team’s record over the past two seasons is 1-28 for an abysmal .034 winning percentage. Jokes are made weekly about them throughout the country. Browns’ ghosts of legends past are now taking anti-acids. Our prayers for a championship have been derailed and frankly gone unanswered since ’64. I just hope the Browns can climb out of its hellish mess so my contemporaries and I can enjoy at least one more Cleveland Browns championship in the next 54 years. After that, all bets are off.

Mr. Lux, is formerly from Shaker Hts., confirmed at Suburban Temple and a graduate of Hawken School. He remains an avid Indians and Browns fan and currently resides in Los Angeles. He is author of the investment book, Exposing the Wheel Spin on Wall Street.

Benefits Of Using Sports Venues For Your Events

When organizing an event, individuals need to consider numerous factors to ensure that their guests can remember a wonderful experience during your event. And, one of the most important factors individuals need to do is to look for wonderful venues.

As of now, more and more organizers are choosing to make use of sports venues for their events since it provides amazing benefits. To know more, below are some of the following.

Huge and accessible event area

One of the main benefits individuals can obtain when using sports venues for events is they can make use of a huge and accessible event area. Of course, when organizing an event, you need to ensure that your guests can easily go to your event. So, you need to look for event areas that are accessible. In addition, you also need to ensure that can accommodate your audience properly. And, most sports venues are huge which can surely accommodate a number of guests.

Better access to event amenities and equipment

The next benefit individuals can obtain when using sports venues is the ability to make use of different amenities and equipment. Of course, some event require special equipment. And, most sporting venues are equipped with the best equipment. Not to mention, equipment like AV systems are handled by reliable experts. Because of this, events can become more successful.

Enjoy satisfying drinks and meals

Apart from preparing for the event venue, it is also essential for individuals to make sure that they can serve their guests with the best meals and drinks. By organizing an event in sports venues, individuals do not need to worry about their food since some venues house restaurants. And, these restaurants offer scrumptious meals and refreshing drinks. Other restaurants even offer their guests with unique delicacies that can satisfy their tastes. Individuals can also find restaurants that offer dishes offered in famous countries to make their guests’ experience better.

Numerous sports activities

Finally, after the event, individuals can also enjoy numerous sports activities. These include ice skating, tennis, basketball and even bowling. With all these selections, guests can enjoy wonderful sports that can provide them with excitement. Other than that, sports activities offered in sporting venues are handled by reliable coaches and referees to ensure that games are safe and fair.

How To Get The Best Football Boots In A Sale

Football boots sale can make it possible for you to get high quality footwear at discounted prices. Every player understands the importance of having a quality pair, especially one that is comfortable as a way of improving on performance during play. Online stores offering football boots often hold sales on popular brands and from such sales you can get the pair that you have been looking for to help you put your best skills to work. But how then do you choose the best from such sales?

Tip 1 – Buy only from reputable sites

Online stores that deal exclusively with football boots may be the best when thinking of making discounted offers work to your advantage. This is because such stores will have a huge variety to choose from and will not limit you to only a few. The larger the variety the higher your chances of finding one that you actually like at an affordable price. It is also important to remember that you will only get genuine ones from reputable dealers hence the importance of choosing only sites that have a good reputation.

Tip 2 – Check out sales

Football boots are from different brands and there are top brands known for their top quality craftsmanship. There is really no use of saving money on one that will not serve your playing needs appropriately. For this reason, when thinking of a sale, it is important that you check out what football boots are actually on sale. You might be surprised to find sales that feature the latest designs from the top brands thus giving you a chance to enjoy superior quality at a very affordable price.

Tip 3 – Think quality

Prices should not compromise the quality that you get to enjoy at the end. Just like buying any other item of footwear, ensure that you pay attention to what matters most even when buying football boots that are on sale. The design, materials used and added comfort features can guide you to the best pair for your play. If possible dig deeper into those on offer so you do not end up paying for football boots that have functional defects or manufacturing defects that could interfere with your overall play out in the field. It may be a sale, but you should still enjoy good value in the end; don’t settle for just any football boot because of the low price.

Tip 4 – Let your individual preferences guide you

Apart from getting functional, it is important for players to play in football boots they love. If the prices are enticing but you cannot seem to find a pair that you actually love, then it would be best that you do not make the purchase just to enjoy the low prices. Let everything that matters to you play a role in helping you make the perfect decision from the sales.

Seattle Seahawks Teach the Intelligent Way to Tackle


By now we are all well aware of CTE and the potential dangers playing football can have on our brains. The Concussion Movie is just the latest high profile event illustrating how the effects of repeated head trauma football players can suffer. There have been several new technologies and improvements in football equipment, namely in helmets and monitored devices, that have tried to alleviate the impact blows to the head have, but few have tried to address tackling techniques until now.


The Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has been leading the way in a new way of tackling that has actually been around for a long time-Rugby Style. The main focus of rugby style tackling is to take the head out of the hit and lead with the shoulder at impact zone. Obviously, since rugby players don’t wear helmets and would do serious harm if they tackled leading with their heads they have perfected this technique and now the NFL is catching on.

It is surprising this technique has not caught on before now especially since it not only is safer for players heads, but it is also a more sure handed way of bringing opposing ball carriers down to the ground. When I was a DB back in the day I always thought that with heads up and leading with the shoulder was a much more sure way of tackling than simply launching oneself headfirst into a runner, only to have him bounce off of you. We just did not call it Rugby Style tackling back then.

The Seahawks Rugby style of tackling is lead by their defensive passing game coordinator Rocky Seto. “We’re always looking for a better way to teach and so we thought, ‘Let’s put together a video and see how it works.’ I’m thrilled that we’re contributing.”